What is in TBBC

The sweetest touch on the clearest screen

Remote vs Office

Chose your preferred way to work, from home or the office? Make your way out


Explore all the charcodes in your device

Blog Posts

A list of links to articles I have written describing some of my findings in the field of Web Development and UX

Mr Sprint

Layout with a horizontal scrolling content

Linear Gradients

Randomly moving linear backgrounds featuring animated CSS Custom Properties

Radial Gradient

Randomly moving Radial gradient circle featuring animated CSS Custom Properties

Horizontal Navigation Scroll

Pictures taken by me, try the horizontal navigation on touch devices


Type an youtube URL to play it, it also saves the URLs on your device after playing a few videos it displays a grid of all videos you've played

Video Mirror

Enable your camera and check out yourself

Location Pin Point

Enable your location and find out exactly where you are by latitude and longitude


Best Music Producer in South Brazil - did this page for a friend just for fun

Photo Gallery

Debut to William's pictures

Select Squares

reCAPTCHA inspired suqare selection gesture for touch devices


Descubra funcionalidades e APIs do browser, explore bugs reportados, reporte bugs

Playback Gesture

Drag to the left and right to control video playback

Year In Progress

Check the progress of the year in a percentage

Type any letter to speak

Let the computer speak what you type in, perfect to play with kids

Hello Page

It says good morning and shows some random colors and emojis

360 colors

Use the corner buttons to browse through random colors


The most scalable screen in history, it can literally be anything you need

Colorful Noise

This page is not recommended for people sensitive of flashing lights

Create QRCode

A page that generates a QR Code from anything, but it never really accepted any user input

CSS Properties

Simply a list of all CSS properties from the Chrome DevTools itself


My name is Felquis, and I create these pages for learning and for fun, you can find my contact info in my CV

Flipping Squares

This page fits as much squares(sometimes rectangles) as possible in the page, once you click it it will flip with a new random color

Flipping Content

Similar to flipping square, but with titles and description (enable your audio)

Instagram Explorer Grid

This is an replica of Instagram Explorer Grid, did it just to see what are the challenges I'd face while building it


This page will fill your device screen with input fields


Chinese is an awesome language

Preact demo

A page built with preact loading modules from the network (it is bundled with esbuild)

Read QR Code

This page uses the camera to read qr code, just point the camera to any code around to see what is in the code

Stop Letter Picker

Picks random letters from alphabet and it won't repeat letters, it ends when it can't find a new letter and keeps rolling forever

Moving Square

Click on the interface to add a square with a random color


If you find something missing or want to get in touch, this 404 page has a contact info, thank you for scrolling

List of Links

All links related to my work