What is in TBBC

These pages are under no obligation to make sense to you


Explore all the charcodes in your device


Chinese is an awesome language

Linear Gradients

Randomly moving linear backgrounds

Radial Gradient

Randomly moving Radial gradient circle

Horizontal Navigation Scroll

Pictures taken by me, try the horizontal navigation on touch devices


Type an youtube URL to play it

Video Mirror

Enable your camera and check out yourself


Best Music Producer in South Brazil

Photo Gallery

Debut to William's pictures

Select Squares

reCAPTCHA inspired suqare selection gesture for touch devices

Mr Sprint

Layout with a horizontal scrolling content

Remote vs Office

Chose your preferred way to work, from home or the office? Make your way out


Find out browser resources and APIs, explore reported bugs and report new bugs

Playback Gesture

Drag to the left and right to control video playback

Year In Progress

Check the progress of the year in a percentage