Mr. Sprint

There is 56 weeks within a year, how long are your sprints?


With a 2 weeks long sprint in twelve months there'll be likely 28 sprints completed, but continuous sprints are not good for your organnization a strategy between kanban intercalated with sprints or miletones are better cause this way people can take the best advantage of all strategies when necessary


Sometimes a loose control over what needs to get done, may increase the creativity and create richer outcomes


Give your team a chance to work on what matter most based on the key indicators they have in hands

It might surprise you the level of maturity they see the processes, or rise up concerns of how much their time/project management is weak so you can help them grow in the matter as well

Quality has no estimates

As quality can always outcome any expectation, if you have the time/resources to allow someone to work on something they are passionate about then let them take the time they need to make it happen, it can be a game changer to your future organization

Change the game rules

Once people are satisfield with what they have accomplished, change the game so they can perform with a different set of rules and priorities, following the organization plan


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